Wednesday, December 3, 2014

WeCWI: The 1st Medal (Innovation) in ICT

A WeCWI project entitled Web-based Cognitive Writing Instruction (WeCWI): A Theoretical-and-Pedagogical e-Framework for Language Development through Technology was awarded a silver award in PIID 2014 on 3 December 2014 at the Banquet Hall, Hotel UiTM (Penang).

Boon Yih Mah was the head of this project together with his fellow team members including Irfan Naufal Umar, Voon Foo Thomas Chow, Rushita Ismail, and Rasaya Marimuthu. The PIID 2014 silver award is WeCWI's 1st medal as the national recognition of an innovative idea in ICT. In line with the national policy to encourage research and development activities as well as the previous success in organising Innovation Platform 2013 (IP2013), Penang Invention, Innovation and Design 2014 (PIID 2014) was organised by Research Management Unit, UiTM (Penang) on 3-4 December 2014 at Banquet Hall, Hotel UiTM (Penang), Malaysia.

The theme of PIID 2014 is Creativity towards Sustainable Well-Being, which serves as a platform for academicians, industries, and students to highlight the values of innovation, invention, and design in eight different fields: information and communication technology (ICT), mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, design and creativity, health sciences, and social sciences. This event is also a competition focussing on the values and qualities of invention, innovation, design, and commercialisation judged by juries from industry and academic institutions. 

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