WeCWI Enterprise: Be an Academic Reader
It basically covers from basic to advance on how to be an academic reader. The instructor is also very engaging and resourceful in handling this course. I would recommend people to take this course. - Mohamed Syazwan Bin Mohd Hashim | Electrical and Electronic Engineering Undergraduate, UiTM (Penang)

WeCWI Enterprise: Be an Academic Writer
That's a good idea for the course. - Lily Wilson | Writer, ThePensters

I think this course really gives a big help to the students in sharpening their writing skill. It provides all the information needed by the students. My instructor was very prepared and engaged in instructing the students on how to learn and study using this course. The production quality is the best. - Nurul Atikah Binti Che Bdullah | Culinary Arts Management Undergraduate, UiTM (Penang)

Web-based Cognitive Writing Instruction (WeCWI): A Theoretical-and-Pedagogical e-Framework for Language Development through Technology
An interesting project. I would like to get a better insight. - Lily Wilson | Writer, ThePensters

Web-Based Cognitive Writing Instruction (WeCWI): A Hybrid e-Framework for Instructional Design
I came across to your research paper titled "Web-Based Cognitive Writing Instruction (WeCWI): A Hybrid e-Framework for Instructional Design" and feel that your research is having a very good impact. - Dr. R. K. Dixit | Chief Author (Hon.), Global Journals Incorporated

I was impressed by the writer’s paper on his thought-provoking and insightful writing on the current research issues of educational technology which displays how the web tools may improve learners’ essay writing and critical thinking on his well-established hybrid framework of WeCWI. - Ang Ling Weay | PhD Student, Universiti Sains Malaysia

WeCWI Training Series: Instructional Design (macro)
WeCWI training session which was conducted by the experienced instructor offered useful insights and ideas to educators and fellow practitioners. The training focuses on interactive online learning environment that incorporates ICT in teaching and learning instructions. It offers new perspectives about integrating technology in education! - Marni Jamil | Lecturer, UiTM (Penang)

WeCWI: SIL's Learner Domain (micro)
This session has taught me how to read, organize literature review. Thank you for sharing your views. - Farina Tazijan | Lecturer, UiTM Penang Branch