Tuesday, March 20, 2018

WeCWI Enterprise: Be an Oral Presenter

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Course Details:
  • 14 sessions
  • 2 hours per session
  • Blended learning mode
  • Task-based assessments

Course Structure:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3
  • Specific purpose & central idea
    • The Art of Public Speaking: Chapter 5 (READ)
  • Principles of effective introduction, body (main point & sub-points) & conclusion
  • Task: Submit speech topic for approval.

Session 4
  • Basic principles of delivering speeches (accurate & appropriate language, voice pronunciation, articulation, fluency, accuracy, articulation, intonation & stress)
  • Principles of non-verbal communication (eye-contact, gesture, personal appearance)
  • Appropriate & effective delivery via PowerPoint slides
  • Handling questions & comments from the audience
    • The Art of Public Speaking: Chapter 6 (READ)
  • Speech adaptation to target audience
    • The Art of Public Speaking: Chapter 6 (READ)
  • Tasks:
    • Identify relevant information from the materials collected based on the approved topic.
    • Organise the information to form a speech outline (focusing on chosen charts/graphs).

Session 5 (blended learning mode)

Session 6
  • Practise informative speech (focusing on chosen charts/graphs)
  • Tasks:
    • Prepare informative speech slides.
    • Rehearse informative speech.

Sessions 7-8
  • Deliver the introduction, conclusion & recommendation of an informative speech
  • Describe and analyse charts/graphs
  • Use visual aids appropriately and effectively
  • Assessments:
    • Present informative speech individually (4-6 minutes).
    • Submit informative speech portfolio.

Sessions 9-11 (blended learning mode)
  • Aims and structure of persuasive speech based on Monroe’s Motivated Sequence
  • Preparation of speech outline covering introduction, body & conclusion
  • Accurate and appropriate persuasive language
  • Tasks:
    • Research for topics for persuasive speech.
    • Get your topics for persuasive speech approved by class lecturer.
    • Identify relevant information from the materials collected based on approved topic.
    • Organise the information to form an organised persuasive speech.
    • Show the 1st draft of your speech outline to your lecturer in classroom.
    • Referring to the feedback given by your lecturer, rewrite the outline and hand-in the final copy to your lecturer in Session 12.

Sessions 12-14
  • Elements in presenting an effective oral presentation
  • Principles of effective speeches and & presentations preparation
  • Delivery of an effective persuasive speech
  • Task: Personalised learning performance
  • Assessments:
    • Present persuasive speech in 8 -10 minutes (40% of course assessment)
    • Submit portfolio (20% of course assessment) including:
      • research articles and speech outline drafts (5% of course assessment)
      • speech outline (15% of course assessment)
        • font type: Times New Roman
        • font size: 12
        • line spacing: single
        • reference format: APA/MLA