Sunday, February 4, 2018

WeCWI Enterprise: Be an Effective Communicator in Written English

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Course Details:
  • 3 sessions
  • 2 hours per session
  • 1 topic per session
  • Blended learning mode
  • Task-based assessments

Course Structure:

Topic 1: Communication, Written Communication, and Communication Models 
  • Communication elements and factors
  • Written communication and its challenges
  • Communication models (Claude Shannon, Roman Jakobson, Ulric Neisser and Michael Polanyi), signs, symbols, and abbreviations
Topic 2: Essays, Types of Essays, Tackling Essay Writing, and Collaborative Writing
  • Essay writing stages, essay types, discourse markers, and paragraph writing
  • Explanation, discussion, argumentative, persuasive and creative writing essays
  • Supporting evidences, logical fallacies, and tackling essay questions
  • Collaborative writing stages and practices
  • Team and conflict managements
Topic 3: Writing a Research Paper, Proposal, and Report
  • Steps, elements, guidelines, and examples of writing a research paper
  • Research, formal, informal, business, and feasibility study proposals
  • Report writing stages, styles, and guidelines
  • Bibliographies, plagiarism, screening for useful resources, and describing visual data

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